Make an appointment

Applications submitted by individual applicants will be accepted only by appointments.

This page allows you to make an appointment at Russia Visa Center at the convenient location, date and time.

Please check the region you live in before choosing the Visa Centre location.

If you are planning to submit several applications, please make sure to schedule separate appointments for each applicant.

If you are planning to submit documents on behalf of someone, please make sure to fill in the data of the representative.

You can choose between Standard appointment and the Premium Lounge.

Please note that the Premium Lounge is an additional service with an extra charge.

Please click here for more details.

Attention! At the Visa Application Center in Milan you can also make an appointment to obtain other consular services, such as obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation for minors, obtaining an international passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and other consular services. Detailed information about the services provided in this center you can find on the Consular Services page.